Kabrishtan Episode of Aahat on Sony Entertainment Television

Published: 05th January 2010
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Recently, Sony Entertainment Television introduced Kabrishtan episode on Aahat horror Show. The Show starts with Chtna Anathalya. A girl meets Shrawan who is the owner of the orphanage. The girl belongs to the researcher team of soul. She wanted to know about her reality. Recently, she knows about herself. She is brought from an orphanage.

She gets her real parents address from the orphanage owner. She goes to the address. As she enters into her house, she introduces herself to an old woman. The old woman is her mother's sister. She asked about her real mother. She asked for her present situation also.

On the other hand, Raghav meets Durjan with his friend. Again, Durjan gives them a new task to record Aatma's activity in their camera in Aahat horror series on Sony Entertainment Television.

In the mean while, Rocky returns from his office at 3 O'clock in the morning. His wife calls to ask about his situation. He gets angry on her and goes in wrong direction. Finally, he finds himself in a Kabrishtan.

Suddenly, he feels a blowing wind and gets fear. He tries to escape himself. He runs but the Ghost kills him. Second day, her wife comes for a formality in Kabrishtan. Again, the blowing wind appears. Everyone runs to save themselves.

On the other hand, Raghave with his friends come to Jashmine house. They found a guy and his father in the house of Jashmine. Their face is stuck from fear. The team asked about Jashmine but she had been dead for last 4 days.

The research team was not ready to accept the truth. They go into another home. They asked in KK house. KK is just like a live ghost in Aahat serial on Sony TV. He has also returned from the Kabrishtan.

Finally, they reach in the house of Rocky. He has also returned from the Kabrishtan in his house. All men who are recently died, comes from the Kabrishtan in their house. They are socked to know the situation.

Finally, they go to Kabrishtan to know the truth. There is a watchman who tells everything about this situation. The ghosts, who are taking revenge, have come from another Kabrishtan. The ghosts have faced the biggest injustice.

Finally, the team of researcher reaches to Rocky's house. Raghav's friend cut the head of the live ghost and finished them in Aahat. This was really horrible series of Aahat series on Sony TV. Story, make-up and concept of introducing live ghost in Aahat serial was really wonderful that introduces great fear for audiences.

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